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Available from stock

Did you know we have pots in stock? With about 2 million pots in various materials in stock, we can deliver quickly.


Our Green Event Centre is once again transformed with the latest trends and products. Find out what to expect this time?


We would like to thank everyone and hope for many more great years with our TOPpers, our customers and our relations!​

Let’s Decorate for Christmas!

In addition to our Christmas assortment of pots, we also have a huge amount of added value.

It's almost Christmas!

Read here which trends are perfect for this time of year! And we have a lot more decoration besides planters!

How does powder coating work?

In our own powder coating factory in China we produce about 600.000 pots per month, but how does this process actually work?


TPIE 20/01 - 22/01

Instead of a live fair, TPIE will go online this year. TPIE will continue to serve as a conduit between buyers and exhibitors.

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