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Featured: Bamboo Material

Did you know that Bunnik Creations has several products made of bamboo? For example, we make baskets and wickerwork from this material.

New Trends!

​Our Green Event Centre has been converted with the latest trends and products.

More than 80 containers a week

Did you know that we ship more than of 80 containers of products per week?

New Company!

We would now like to officially introduce: Bunnik Creations USA Inc.

New Powdercoating

​Did you know that we have our own powder coating factory in China?

Last Chance!

In September our Green Event Centre will get another make-over, so come and enjoy our current presentations.


Trade Fair Aalsmeer

Are you curious about the latest developments in the floriculture sector? Think of product launches, demos, sustainable innovations and all that surrounded by a palette of colors and fragrances. ​Visit us during the Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2020 between 4 - 6 november! Discover. Admire. And connect. With each other and the world.

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